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Wilder Building  

Wilder Building is a historic office building located in Rochester, New York. It is eleven-story steel or iron-framed brick-clad structure built between 1887 and 1888 in a modified Romanesque style. It is considered Rochester’s first modern skyscraper and is considered to be among the oldest of the early skyscrapers. Noted Rochester architects Warner & Brockett designed it.

The Wilder Building wasn’t originally designed to host modern electromechanical services. One solution was to install a raised floor, which preserved the concrete cavities formed by the original structural beams. Then it integrated the electromechanical systems into this raised floor less than 63 cm from the ground. EZ Rochester Junk Removal

A lot can change in 100 years —look at the Wilder Building in downtown Montreal. What began as an industrial factory in 1918 is today a thriving cultural center? Following a significant renovation and expansion in 2017, the Wilder is home to four of Montreal’s leading dance organizations, studios, performance halls, and government cultural offices. The project was implemented within the framework of an integrated design process. It was also among the client’s first to be entirely designed as a Building Information Modelling (BIM) project using REVIT software. The collective design process of the building allowed them to align the design of architectural elements and electrical systems, such as the lighting system, with the needs of all parties.

Mail Chute

James Goold Cutler received U.S. Patent 284,951 on September 11, 1883, for the mail chute. The first one was installed in 1884 in the Elwood Building. Then, during its 1887 construction, Cutler installed a perfected mail chute in the Wilder Building. With the Elwood Building demolished in 1965, the Wilder Building’s mail chute is currently the oldest surviving one.

Address: 1 East Main Street, Rochester, NY

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