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The Neighborhood of the Arts

The Neighborhood of the Arts (NOTA) is an exciting mix of residential blocks, eclectically renovated mixed-use buildings, world-class museums, cultural institutions, galleries, studios, retail and restaurants, and more! It’s all knit together by ARTWalk, an award-winning redesign of the neighborhood’s main thoroughfare into a pedestrian-focused outdoor art trail. Anchored by a magnificent Flatiron Building, NOTA is today one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Rochester. Only 15 city blocks long and a few blocks wide, this district packs in more museums, cultural institutions, art schools, galleries, and studios than any other neighborhood in the Rochester, New York metropolitan area. Such clustering of art facilities creates synergistic magic here. Museum-lovers and film and drama buffs can enjoy the George Eastman Museum, the renowned Dryden Theater, Writers and Books, the Rochester Broadway Theater League, and others. The School of the Arts also calls this neighborhood home, providing the students with artistic resources outside their door.

In addition to fine arts, NOTA boasts a wide range of businesses and light industries. The historic Gleason Works, housed in a quarter-mile-long historic building along University Avenue, is the world’s largest gear-making machine manufacturer. Many salons, cafes, boutiques, and cultural centers line the neighborhood’s streets. Popular dining establishments and a newly constructed brewery signify an economic turn in this small city segment. The city’s first Parklet was established outside Joe Bean Coffee Roasters in 2015. EZ Rochester Junk Removal

NOTA draws thousands each year for its highly successful events as a destination spot. In summer, the Memorial Art Gallery hosts the Clothesline Festival, Rochester’s oldest and most influential arts and crafts fair, which features more than 600 artists from 23 counties and several states. From fall to spring, the artists of the Anderson Alley invite the public into their studios on the second Saturday of the month, and several businesses regularly participate in the city-wide First Friday events.

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