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Rochester Museum and Science Museum  

The Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC) is a museum in Rochester, New York, dedicated to community education in science, technology, and local history. The museum also operates the Strasenburgh Planetarium, located next to the museum, and the Cumming Nature Center, a 900-acre (3.6 km2) nature preserve near Naples, New York. The museum resides at 657 East Ave. And has a collection of 1.2 million artifacts.

The museum was established in 1912 as the Rochester Municipal Museum. Its first curator, Edward D. Putnam, served from 1913 until 1924, when New York archaeologist Arthur C. Parker took over as museum director. Parker began to expand the museum’s holdings and research in anthropology, geology, biology, natural history, and the history and industry of the Genesee Region. He created the WPA-funded Indian Arts Project and is responsible for the construction of constructing Bausch Hall.

  1. Stephen Thomas, a trained museum professional from Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences, succeeded Parker as museum director in 1945. Under his leadership, the museum saw the creation of state-of-the-art dioramas and the growth of collections in history, technology, natural science, archaeology, and anthropology. In 1930, the name of the museum museums name was changed to the Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences.


RMSC permanent exhibits offer visitors unique, interactive educational experiences. For example, the Science on a Sphere exhibit is an interactive globe and three-dimensional data projection system that changes real-time data from Earth and other planets into graphic representations. Permanent Simulator Rides include a submarine dive to the bottom of Lake Ontario and a hurricane simulator. The Inventor Center allows visitors to participate in different main problem-solving challenges presented every four to five months. At the same time, Electricity Theater is a science show that displays indoor bolts of musical lightning produced by twin solid-state Tesla coils. Illumination: The World of Light and Optics is a permanent exhibit with interactive opportunities to learn about reflection, refraction, radio waves, color temperature, etc.

Strasenburgh Planetarium

The Strasenburgh Planetarium is a public planetarium located at 663 East Avenue in Rochester, NY. It is named after its benefactors, Edwin and Clara Strasenburgh. It is a department of the Rochester Museum and Science Center. The Planetarium was dedicated on September 14, 1968. The 65-foot-diameter Star Theater originally seated 240 people. The original seats were replaced in 1985; as currently configured, the theater seats 225. The Star Theater houses the first Zeiss Mark VI planetarium projector; it is still in daily operation. The planetarium received global attention by being the first to be computer automated. It was known for both its technical and programming innovations.

Cumming Nature Center 

The Cumming Nature Center (CNC) is a 900-acre environmental education facility near Naples, New York. Owned by the Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC), the preserve features over fifteen miles of trails and offers educational programs and service-learning opportunities. Established in 1973 with a gift from the Cumming family to the Rochester Museum & Science Center, CNC’s landscape is home to a diverse variety of habitats, including abandoned fields, conifer plantations, swamps, marshes, ponds, and upland forests. Visitors can also explore a Visitor Center featuring a variety of educational exhibits, interactive play areas, and classroom space. EZ Rochester Junk Removal

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