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Best Places To Visit In Rochester NY

Rochester, New York has a long history of photography, as it is where the headquarters for Kodak is located. Situated on Lake Ontario, Rochester is extremely popular for fishing and other water sports. According to state and city officials, about two million people visit the city each year for personal and business purposes. If you need a new vacation spot, you should consider making it Rochester. Below, you will discover a list of tourist attractions in Rochester. EZ Rochester Junk Removal

Rochester Museum And Science Center

If you are interested in learning more about the city, you should take a tour of the Rochester Museum and Science Center. The center features displays that represent the history of Rochester, Native Americans, and historical inventions. The exhibits are both hands-on and interactive. If you have children in your group, they will enjoy the educational science exhibits.

Highland Park

New York is full of amazing parks. However, it is tough to compete with Highland Park. This is arguably one of the best parks in the entire state. It is easily one of the most gorgeous public parks in Rochester. The park expands more than 19 acres and features rolling hills and massive oak, maple, and pine trees. On top of that, you’re going to find many walking trails. If you’re interested in taking a walk through Mother Nature, you’ll want to think about visiting Highland Park. At the park, you’ll find the Lamberton Conservatory. This is likely the most notable attraction of the park. It was originally built in 1911 but was rebuilt using the original plans in 2008.

The Lamberton Conservatory, located at 171 Reservoir Avenue, is home to some of the most exotic plants in the world. The plants, a combination of tropical and desert species, are stored in the conservatory because they would not survive outdoors in the city. Either way, you’ll want to visit it for yourself.

Eastman Museum And Mansion

When you find yourself in Rochester, you’ll want to make a detour over to the Eastman Museum and Mansion. Once you’ve strolled up to the mansion, you’re going to be stunned by its gorgeous exterior. The house belonged to George Eastman who is best known for founding the Eastman Kodak Company. He lived in Rochester in the past. When you tour the facility, you’re going to see many galleries focusing on the history of photography. Suffice to say, this attraction can be fun for photographers and history buffs.

The mansion is easily accessible since it is located on East Avenue. You won’t have any trouble finding it.